Trip for participants of the congress

The most important tourist attractions in Warsaw

The tour will allow you to look at all facets of Warsaw and feel the spirit of this amazing city. We will visit undiscovered spots in Warsaw and major tourist attractions.

The first step is to introduce Warsaw on the Parade Square, looking at the Palace of Culture and Science. The next place is Downtown where you can see streets that survived the World War II. In some of the buildings you can still find bullet holes dating back to the time of the Warsaw Uprising and, thus, you can truly witness the past of Warsaw.

Next, we move to the “communist state”. We will show you the post-war ideas for the reconstruction of the city, which was razed to the ground by the Nazis. You will learn how the communist regime has rebuilt Poland’s capital in the spirit of socialist realism.  

Later, there will be time for traditional sightseeing. We will drive along the Royal Route, leading towards the Old Town. On our way we are going to visit historic squares of Warsaw: Piłsudskiego, Teatralny, Bankowy. We will stop at the Royal Square and walk past the St Anna Church, the Royal Castle, the Old Town Square, as well as along the Kanonia and Gnojna Góra streets. We will also be passing along the Medieval Walls of the Barbican. The tour will finish near the Royal Castle. 

Please, come and join us!


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