Along with the Polish Statistical Association, Statistics Poland organises the Second Congress of Polish Statistics, to be held in Warsaw, 10–12 July 2018, which will mark the 100th anniversary of founding of our institution.

The Congress will last three days. The framework program of the event contains a series of thematic sessions, including a jubilee panel on the history of Polish statistics, as well as sessions devoted to Polish statistics on the international arena, methodology of statistical surveys, mathematical statistics, regional statistics, population statistics, social and economic statistics, statistical data issues and, also sports and tourism statistics.

In a Congress, which will emphasise the contribution of Poles to the global treasury of statistical knowledge, representatives of foreign institutions and scientific units will participate. We are convinced that the Congress will constitute a unique opportunity for the representatives of official statistics, research centres and other partners involved in the study of social, economic and environmental processes to meet and exchange their knowledge, views and experiences.

The first Congress of Polish Statistics, which took place in 2012, has become a significant scientific event in the history of Polish statistical thought and practice. This year's edition of the Congress will certainly be a worthy continuation of the first event. Participants of the Congress will evaluate the impact of one hundred years of public statistics on the life of Poles. They will also discussing the challenges for the future, posed by the collection, processing and sharing data, against the background of phenomena of digitalisation and globalisation.


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